Puppies Care

Welcome………. Puppies Care is so important, and once you make the decision to get a puppy you have also made the decision to take good care of your puppy……….or at least I hope you have.

I consider four subjects to be paramount when considering the care of puppies…..

Housebreaking          Behavior          Food          Medication

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Housebreaking and Potty TrainingFIRST is potty training. If you don’t properly housebreak a puppy it can have long term negative results. Believe me, I know. You need to learn the secrets of complete potty training of your puppy in as little as 7 Days.



Secrets of Well Behaved PuppiesSECOND is behavior. Puppy obedience can become a difficult problem; but there’s no reason to call the dog whisperer. Do you want your puppy to become the well behaved family member you’ve always dreamed they could be, even when you’re not around? Then here is your no risk opportunity to realize that dream.


What's in Your Puppies' FoodTHIRD is food. I really believe in Puppies Care and I had no idea I had been feeding my puppy food that would shorten her life. None of us would knowingly feed our puppy food that causes cancer or other diseases since the food manufacturers have to list chemicals on the label. But……… if chemicals go onto the food before the manufacturers get it they don’t have to include it on the label. Isn’t that a shocker? There are only about 9 pet food manufacturers’ whose products you should buy.


Meds for Good HealthFOURTH is medication. Your puppy will eventually need over-the-counter or  prescription-medication (approved by a vet). It’s commonly known you can purchase pet medication less expensively over the internet, but I personally prefer an interweb  firm  that has medication as a primary focus………..for lots of reasons.


Well,  there you have it. These are my four primary focuses on Puppies Care. I believe I’m on target. After visiting the above sites I hope you’re in agreement. I look forward to your return because I will have lots more to keep you well informed as you and your puppy grow together.

In service to pups everywhere,

Tom (TR) Ryan

ps: it’s wise to seek the advice of a vet for your pup.