Brushing Pup

Brushing your pup is good on many fronts. First, it allows you to inspect your pup for cuts, ticks and any abnormalities while you’re brushing pup. Second, brushing is also good for pup’s coat and skin. Third, it provides pup with additional time with you and you should do your best to make this a pleasurable experience for pup.

The best approach is to acquire some basic grooming skills and brushes in order to get started. There’s a short video below that will guide you through the process of selecting the right brush for your pup, as well as the best way to actually brush your pup’s fur.

I hope you enjoyed that. It was packed with good information on brushing pup.

Pups are creatures of habit or training as the case my be; so it’s good to start them off with a positive experience of brushing so it develops into a good habit. The way to begin is to always brush your pup in the same place and use a mat or small rug. Try to get pup to stand up while you do the brushing.

Have little treats to reward pup’s behavior. And don’t forget to use a friendly/excited tone of voice. Why? Because Your tone of voice, positive reinforcement and rewards will become your pup’s convincers that brushing pup is a fun thing, like going for a romp or playing with a ball.

A side benefit to your efforts is you are conducting the socialization of pup and preparing pup for professional grooming. Professional grooming is not the end all, but if you don’t have a short haired pup professional grooming is an option you should definitely explore.

The VIDEO makes reference to specific types of brushes. Below you’ll find links to these brushes.

Medium Slicker Wire Brush
Four Paws Ultimate Touch Medium Gentle Slicker Wire Brush Professional Non-Slip Grip (5" X 3" Brush Head)

Soft Slicker Wire Brush
Millers Forge Self-Cleaning Soft Slicker Dog Brush (Small; 6.75

Metal Comb With Sure Grip
JW Pet GripSoft Fine & Course Rotating Comfort Comb (8

In service to pups everywhere,

Tom (TR) Ryan

ps: it’s wise to seek the advice of a vet for your pup.

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