When my son was young he picked out two puppies from an adoption center. They we’re a mixed breed of Golden Retriever with a splash of Chow. He named them Brandi and Tasha. At the time we didn’t know about Dysplasia.
Although they both looked like Golden Retrievers Brandi had the strength of a Chow and Tasha had the disposition of a full retriever. The odd thing is that to this day I think they shared Tasha’s brain, but that’s another story. Bottom line …… we loved them equally.

We didn’t know it early on but Golden Retrievers are partial to developing Hip Dysplasia …… even as puppies. Here are two short videos about “Charlie”, a 7 month old Golden Retriever. One is 14 seconds the other 22 seconds. See what dysplasia has done to this young puppy.

Dysplasia is treated in a variety of ways including surgery, steroid shots, cortisone shots, massage, acupressure, and hip replacement. As it turned out Brandi, having more Chow tendencies, never did get Hip Dysplasia but poor Tasha did. You’ll be amazed at how we treated her.

I am not a vet so this is not prescribing, it’s just my story. Later in her life Tasha, in a very short period of time went downhill fast, was almost dragging herself around, could hardly stand for any period of time, and was visibly in pain. The vet recommended being merciful.

Fortunately for Tasha we pressed on looking for an answer. You know, I can’t remember now who it was we talked to that put us on to a couple of natural supplements to treat Taysha’s Dysplasia, but I owe that person many thanks ….. IT WORKED for Tasha.

We put her on a twice a day regimine of ALFALFA and YUCCA. In two weeks all her symptoms were all but gone and she was acting what I call normal. We kept her on both these supplements until the day she closed her eyes forever.

At the time we bought these supplements at a local health food store. One day the owner asked what we did with all the Alfalfa and Yucca. We explained why and found out his Alaskan Husky had the same problem. He too was perplexed by his puppies Dysplasia.

The next time we visited the health food store the owner was elated. Want to guess why?

In service to pups everywhere,

Tom (TR) Ryan

ps: it’s wise to seek the advice of a vet for your pups.