Home Made Dog Food

I’m certainly no chef. Fact is the kitchen can be kind of intimidating to me just for making eggs benedict, let alone taking a shot at home made dog food. But stack this up against some cold hard food facts. The fact is even though the FDA approves the canned and packaged food you and I eat, the FDA also approves chemical ingredients that when consumed in larger quantities are bad for your health. I do not want trace elements of arsenic or any other chemical in my puppies’ food. Do trace elements build up and take a toll on the body? You tell me! First, here’s a video of one woman who has been making her own pup food for years. Check it out.

I hope she does more videos because I like her style.

So what about your pup? Do you think the FDA cares more about your pup’s food than you? Do you have any idea what goes into pup food? Better still, did you know that things happen to the basic ingredients before pup food manufacturers take possession, therefore relinquishing them from having to list any pre-additives on their packaging?

It all sounds very secretive to me. Should we be trusting these manufacturers? Hmmmmmm. I believe that’s why more and more pup owners are turning to food made at home. Is it easier than buying pet food? Heck no, it’s work. But pups are living to the ripe old ages of 16 to 19 years on home made dog food.

I’m still investigating this make your own pup food thing, but it’s looking better and better as an alternative. I have found some real interesting things I’d like to pass on to you.


I’ve listed some resources below for you. They’re all related to home made dog food. I found their info thought provoking and interesting. I believe there are some free recipes.

Clicking here will link you to a site with Pet Recipies.

Clicking this link will take you to a Yahoo Answers site all about making your own pup food.

Clicking here will take you to a WebMD site about making your own pup food.

I hope this info in the aggregate will begin to sway you towards the concept of home made dog food.

In service to pups everywhere,

Tom (TR) Ryan

ps: it’s wise to seek the advice of a vet for your pup.

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