At Puppies Care we try to provide you with valuable info that will assist you and your puppy, even on microchipping.

Here’s a 2 minute video that shows you how microchipping is done.

So I ask you this question?

Has your pup ever gotten loose? They all do at one time or another. It doesn’t make any difference how, because once they are out there is no guarantee they’ll find their way back. That’s why you spend hours driving neighborhoods calling out pup’s name and stopping at every person working in their yard.

With any luck you find pup or pup shows up back at home tail wagging. I know because last year alone I spent hours on three separate occasions combing my daughter’s neighborhood looking for their lab. It turns out her lab was real creative at getting out of their fence.

Twice we found her. Once she spent the night at the dog pound after being picked up by animal control. It was an expensive night for my daughter. She was lucky on all three occasions. She got her lab back.

The same is not true of many other dogs. They wander aimlessly until they are out of reach of ever finding their way back. Where do they wind up? Who knows? The alternatives are endless. If lucky they get adopted by whoever finds them. That’s the upside. We won’t explore the downside here. Your imagination can do that.

We understand this is always a possibility with pups, so we took an extra step and had Dixie microchipped. It doesn’t guarantee her return if ever lost, but it does greatly improve her chances of being returned to us safely. Our decision to have her chipped was a serious one. Why? Because humans don’t want it for themselves. You know, big brother and all that goes with it.

It turns out microchipping for pups is a lot different. These are not GPS chips to follow pups anywhere they go. Here’s how they work.

Microchips are about the size of a grain of rice. Inside is a chip and tiny antenna. The chip remains dormant until activated by a hand held scanner. The scanner evits a radio frequency that the microchip responds to and sends info to the scanner. The scanner displays an identification number. From there your pup can be tracked to you. Dixie is registered with Home Again. She also wears a yellow dog tag from Home Again with their phone number.

Vets and shelters routinely scan new pups that come into their facility. That’s how many pups are returned to their owners. I think it’s an amazing technology. That’s why we have our pups microchipped.

It doesn’t hurt them. It’s like getting a vaccination. The chip is inserted between the shoulder blades. Within a day the body begins to attach to the surface of the chip. That way the chip won’t move. I’m sure it does move in some cases, but it certainly can’t get lost.

Once your pup is chipped, your job is not over. You need to notify the agency of record when you move or change phone numbers. Many times you can do that online. That way they can actually contact you.

The best news is the chipping is now affordable. Many vets, shelters, and large pet chains with attached vets can help you.

Here in Rockwall Texas, PETCO does chipping procedures through their attached vet called PetDoctor.
To find out more click right here or the PETCO ad at the top right.

Once at the PETCO website do a search on the term AFFORDABLE VACCINATIONS.
There’s also a PetCo store finder by zip code.

I hope this point of view on microchipping helps you and your pup.

In service to pups everywhere,

Tom (TR) Ryan

ps: it’s wise to seek the advice of a vet for your pups.