Rockwall Pets Rocks

Today I took part in a Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting for a new member…… Rockwall Pets. As a chamber ambassador for over 20 years that’s not a new experience, but I was amazed at the kind of things Rockwall Pets is doing in Rockwall County to help pets at risk.

The mission of Rockwall Pets is to make North Texas  NO KILL.

Rockwall Pets is at the forefront of saving pets at risk. They took the issue of pets being killed at the Rockwall animal shelter to the Rockwall City Council. Today Rockwall no longer kills pets at the shelter.

They then went to neighboring Royse City and now their shelter no longer kills pets.

I THINK THAT’S TERRIFIC………way to go Rockwall Pets. Let me tell you more…….

Rockwall Pets uses innovative programs to get pets out of shelters alive.

Statistics prove there are enough homes for all homeless pets. They believe that by convincing more people to adopt instead of buying their next pet, they can save the lives of pets who are currently being put down in area shelters.

Nearly every pet they have available for adoption is a healthy or treatable pet who was at risk for being killed at a shelter.

These pets need you! Get involved!


 Adopt! Looking for a new addition to your family? Adopt one of their rescued cats or dogs! You’ll save a life!

Donate! They spend more on each rescued pet than they receive from adoption fees. They appreciate donations!

Foster! They always need foster homes to care for their pets until they’re adopted. The more foster homes they have…..the more lives they can save!

Volunteer! They always need volunteers to help them run their programs!


 Rockwall Pets are true activists for pets at risk.

If you live in Rockwall County or the surrounding area and looking for a new pet…..then you need to visit these folks.

WHY? Because ROCKWALL PETS ROCKS!!!!!!! Located in Rockwall next to PETCo.

Here’s ROCKWALL PETS contact info:

Or just click the Rockwall Pets Picture below to visit their website.    

There are hundreds of pup rescue organizations. Click here to find a specific breed.

In service to pups everywhere,

Tom (TR) Ryan

ps: it’s wise to seek the advise of a vet for your pup.