One of the real non pleasures in life is Trimming Pups Nails. I haven’t found anyone yet who has this life experience on their bucket list.

Nail trimming is not on your list and guess what? Nail trimming is not on your pup’s list either. If anything, pup hates it more than you hate it. But guess what? It’s a service to pup you can’t ignore. I know because I ignored it with Dixie for a time. Oh I tried, but she pulled and whined so much it was easy for me to give in to aborting the effort.

With my wife’s help, the right tools, a little patience, and more than enough treats we got through that first episode of Trimming Pups Nails. I could go into detail about the process but I’m thinking since a picture is worth a thousand words a video right now is worth a whole bunch more.

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Dixie is a house pup. Add to that Dixie is lazy. When outside she basks in the sun and doesn’t run around. Dixie also doesn’t like having her nails trimmed. All that added up to a recipe for nail disaster.

Dixie’s nails got long and curved and eventually made it somewhat difficult for her to walk. Plus they kept getting caught on rugs etc in the house.

Successfully Trimming Pups Nails that first time was not pleasant for any of the parties concerned. It’s a good thing I had help from my wife because keeping Dixie from moving around and running off during trimming is important.

Trim tools are also important. I started with human nail clippers but that didn’t work well given the circumstances. After minimum research I ended up with Guillotine style clippers. I judged them to be the safest for Dixie. I also got some styptic powder just in case we ended up cutting the quick by accident ….. which only happened once! Applying the styptic powder and maintaining slight pressure stopped the bleeding after a half minute or so. Last is a file or emery board to get rid of the rough nail edges.

As luck would have it, Dixie has light colored nails making the quick easy to spot. It’s the pink line (really a vein) that runs down the center of the nail. Finding the quick is tougher with dark nails, but its generally where the nail begins to curve.

Well, there you have it. We now trim Dixie’s nails frequently because her nails do grow fast. The process is still not at the top of my nor Dixie’s bucket list, but Dixie is much better off day to day because we stay on top of this.

I trust my experience will help you.

In service to pups everywhere,

Tom (TR) Ryan

ps: it’s wise to seek the advice of a vet for your pup.